8 things that customers wants to see on your website

To get a target customized website it is important that you understand what your audience is interested in, and how to present it in the best way possible. The better your website speaks to your customers, the greater is the chance of conversion. We have listed 8 points that you should consider when creating your website.

  1. Who are you?
    The first thing you need to do is to show who you are, in the most interesting and appealing way possible. It is important that you show your experience, skills and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Why should the customer hire you? Be brief and concise, but do not forget to be honest.

  2. What do you offer?
    It is very important that you are clear about what services or products you offer and that you briefly explain what they mean and why the customer needs them. Product pictures and price is a must, especially if you run an online shop. If you lack sufficient information about your services or products, chances are that your potential customer goes to your competitor instead.

  3. Don’t forget your contact details
    Address, phone number and email is a must if you want to build credibility and give the impression that you run a serious company. Make sure that the contact information is as clear and accessible as possible.

  4. References
    Potential customers wants to know who you’ve worked with and what experience you provided to previous customers. Make sure that there are a couple of references on your website, preferably also a portfolio and case studies where you show what value your service or product added to the customer.

  5. Usability
    To make the customer buy something, he must first find it. Make sure your site is easy and clear to navigate and avoid elements that can be distracting. Instead put your focus on emphasizing the content and make it easy to find what you are looking for. To have a mobile friendly website is an absolute necessity nowadays when over half of all web traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets.

  6. Short loading times
    A fast page is a must have today. 40% of website visitors leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. For mobile surfers, the number is 74% if it takes over 5 seconds.

  7. Questions and answers
    If you run an e-commerce shop it is very important that the customer can find information on your website concerning orders, contact information to customer service, shipping costs, order status, return policies and if there is a money back guarantee. Ensure that there are several contact options for customers to choose from.

  8. Call-to-action buttons
    Our last point is as important as the others. Make sure you have clear buttons that show how and where the customer should go to complete your goals. The goal be to buy something, subscribe to your newsletter, get a quote and so on. Clear buttons are an important part of the buying process. If you miss it, it can be very expensive.

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