Victoria's Journey from Stockholm to Taipei: Balancing Life, Work, and a Tech Startup

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Balancing work and life in tech: Victoria's Journey.
Fastdev Account Manager – Victoria Cao, from Stockholm to Taipei

Exploring the Transition, Tech Innovation, and Cross-Cultural Insights

We’ve decided to dive deep into the recent life changing journey of Victoria, one of Fastdev‘s highly prized account managers. Victoria’s recent journey is a tale of adventure, ambition, and innovation. A tale of balancing work and life in tech. Moving from the picturesque streets of Stockholm to the bustling metropolis of Taipei, she embarked on a journey fueled by a passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and a desire for new experiences. In this article, we’ll delve into her transition and discover how she’s making her mark in Taipei while managing her role as an account manager at Fastdev and nurturing her tech startup, DingGo.

The Transition: Stockholm to Taipei

Victoria’s journey from Sweden to Taiwan wasn’t just a random move; it was a decision inspired by her love for Taipei’s culture and cuisine. Having visited Taipei three times before the move, she and her husband felt a strong connection to the city. The attraction of bustling night markets, lively street life, and the welcoming nature of the locals prompted their decision to relocate.

This images shows DingGo — Victoria's unique booking system.
DingGo — Victoria’s unique booking system

DingGo: The Pet Project

Victoria’s pet project, DingGo (Ding in Chinese means “book”), aims to revolutionise the beauty and health industry by simplifying the booking process. It all began when Victoria visited a nail salon in Taipei and learned that the owner spent up to two hours a day managing appointments. Recognizing the need for an efficient online booking system, DingGo was born.

Development Milestones

DingGo has reached the final stages of Taiwan’s most prestigious tech startup competition for foreigners, The Dragons’ Chamber. This recognition speaks volumes about the potential of Victoria’s venture and the impact it could have on the industry.

In earlier days, Victoria and members of the Fastdev team in Stockholm

Synergies with Fastdev

Victoria, in her role as an account manager at Fastdev, has found synergies between her career and DingGo. Collaborating with Fastdev’s skilled developers and UX talents has been instrumental in DingGo’s progress. Additionally, Victoria’s firsthand experience as a customer of Fastdev has provided valuable insights into the client journey.

Navigating Business Culture Differences

Sweden and Taiwan have distinct business cultures. Victoria emphasizes the importance of trust in both. However, she notes that in Asia, once trust is earned, it must be maintained. Building a strong network is also crucial in Taiwanese business culture. Victoria is actively navigating these differences to foster successful client interactions.

Navigating Work and a Startup

Balancing her responsibilities at Fastdev with DingGo is quite a task. It requires some serious organizational skills, especially with the time zone difference between Taiwan and Sweden – Taipei is 6 hours ahead of Stockholm. Despite this, Victoria has found that with careful planning, it’s possible to achieve her goals in both areas. This highlights the key importance of effective time management.

Fast(er) forward with Fastdev…

Fastdev, known for its flexibility and adaptability, played a pivotal role in Victoria’s pursuit of ambitious goals. At the company, employees are encouraged to explore their passions and entrepreneurial endeavors, making it an ideal environment for someone like Victoria. Fastdev’s commitment to nurturing talent and offering personal growth opportunities enabled Victoria to seamlessly manage her dual roles as an account manager and a tech entrepreneur.

Fastdev’s commitment to adaptability and its understanding of the importance of work-life balance have allowed Victoria to effectively manage her responsibilities in both Sweden and Taiwan. This flexibility has been instrumental in enabling her to pursue her dreams without compromising on her career.

Victoria’s journey from Stockholm to Taipei is a testament to the harmonious synergy between her personal ambitions and Fastdev’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among its employees.

Future Goals and Support

Victoria’s career aspirations have evolved beyond financial success. She now feels that she places more and more priority on values such as, the quality of her work environment, her relationships with colleagues, and the impact she makes. At Fastdev, she hopes to foster collaboration, much as she does in her personal endeavours. She loves to join people together, be it at a party or a networking event. Finding the right people and building a passionate team are essential lessons from her entrepreneurial journey that she aims to share and promote within her workplace.

Victoria’s transition from Stockholm to Taipei is a testament to her adventurous spirit and determination to chase her dreams. As she continues her journey with Fastdev and nurture her brainchild, DingGo, she exemplifies the seamless fusion of two cultures, forging a path toward success and fulfilment in the tech industry. Good luck Victoria!

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