Development process: Hosting

To be sure the system is deployed appropriately our project team always adheres to the following steps:

  1. Setting environment on the live server, installing all necessary tools and components

  2. Deployment (database, application, content)

  3. Backups

  4. Server Monitoring

  5. System Logging

To host your software product we use popular hosting providers. We choose them depending on functionality, technologies and other factors:



Digital Ocean

We also may offer our customers domain name registration that ensures the future and the integrity of their brand.

When hosting your software product we can use different cloud email services, such as Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) that is cost-effective and is used to send marketing messages, emails and other type of content to your customers. Also, we use Amazon Simple Storage (S3) that is easy to use object storage, with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.

Yet another essential area of deployment is backups. Not to lose important data because of physical failure of your server, accidental error, theft or computer viruses we always do backups of all data of your software product. We offer a number of frequently used backup solutions which will suit the customer’s needs depending on time, security and budget.

After deployment we monitor both the software product and server (the specification of monitoring depends on the system’s purpose and loading). If something wrong occurs we always receive notifications and are ready to fix the problems and recover the system

We set logging in the system so that if any errors occur, they are registered in the logs making it easier to fix them and analyze them afterwards.


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