Development process: Programming

In our work we use only the most  popular and modern technologies to meet all customers’ needs, and we select the technology and CMS  that fit the system (application) purpose:

  • .NET

  • JAVA

  • PHP

  • WordPress and Drupal

  • iOS

  • Android


Javascript is a vital part of web development – it’s the language of the web. If you want to make a website and provide great UX, Javascript is your best bet. JavaScript allows to create a single page application providing a more fluid user experience. All of the necessary code for the page is loaded only once and its content gets changed dynamically through JavaScript.

We support a large number of frameworks and libraries of JavaScript:

  • Angular, React, Ember

  • webpack, grunt, gulp, babel, d3, jasmine, karma etc.

Our specialists use version control systems for all projects in order to manage the changes in the code from version to version. We use Git and Gitlab in our work and we provide our customers with the access to these systems, or a zip-archive with a history of all changes made during the project after the end of the development.

We provide our customers with testing servers where they can see the current state of the software 24 hours per day. We offer two environments  – alpha that shows the most current state of the software and beta with stable functions for presentations for your clients.

For various areas of software products we use special tools for continuous integration – TeamCity and Jenkins. They are used to test each change done to the codebase automatically and as early as possible and automatically deploy changes to Alpha and Beta servers.

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