Development process: Testing

Testing is a vital part of development process. Our testers take part in each important step of a project, from pre-study to customer acceptance testing, help the project team create the quality software solution according to customer’s needs and projects’s constraints.

We plan testing and create a testing strategy for every project individually, taking into account product’s goals and it’s usage by end users. We use different combinations of testing methods, testing techniques such as manual and automated testing, scripted and exploratory testing, positive and negative testing, requirements-, features-, user cases-, defect-based testing and others.
We offer different types of testing based on a project’s needs:

  • Functional testing

Functional testing stands front and center in professional testing. It’s based on system component and specification analysis and is aimed at confirming that the system is implemented in accordance with functional requirements and ready to work.

  • Acceptance testing

Testing with respect to user needs, requirements, and business processes conducted to determine whether a system satisfies the acceptance criteria or not, and to enable the user, customers or another authorized entity to determine whether to accept the system or not.

  • Usability and UI testing

Testing is employed to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate and attractive to the users under specified conditions.

  • Performance testing

Testing that is performed, to determine how fast some aspect of a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload.

  • Configuration testing

Testing of how an application works on different devices, under various platforms, configurations of systems and software. We test:

  • Under Windows, MacOS, Linux OS

  • For iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile OS

  • In various web-browsers

  • On various devices

  • Security testing

Testing to determine the security of the software product,  using simulation of an attack and exploitation of found vulnerabilities on test and production environments.

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