What is project management and why do I need it?

Our work with customers inspired us to write a series of blog posts about how a development process looks like in Fastdev. Every single project poses unique challenges, but the overall process of software development generally follows seven major stages in order to ensure success in process of software development:

  • Project Management

  • Specification

  • Design

  • HTML layout

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Deployment

We will go into detail with each of them, and start with project management now.

What is project management and why do I need it? Proper management is the implementation of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques necessary to meet the projects requirements within the specified time constraints. These specific needs of a project provide us with a variety of software development methodologies to choose from.

We offer two different types of methodologies: Waterfall methodology and Agile methodology.

When do we offer the Waterfall methodology?

  • When customers are expected not to make excessive changes of the scope of the project once it has begun.

  • When a clear image of what the final product must be worked out in advance.

  • When definition and quality are the keys to success rather than concentration upon fast delivery.

When do we offer the Agile methodology?

  • When customers need to be able to change the scope of the project.

  • When there isn’t a clear picture of what the final product should look like.

  • When quick production is more important than the quality of the product.

  • When the product is intended for an industry with fast changing standards, like software development.

Whatever methodology we choose, we always have weekly demo meetings. At this meeting a live, deployed, real version of your project is demonstrated to you. It represents that state of the project at that point in time, so that you can see the progress of your project.

Along with weekly demos we provide our customers with status reports on a regular basis that assure our high performance, credibility, and also serves many other positive purposes.

In order to keep you informed we give you the access to the issue tracker that engages the customer in the process. We use only modern issue trackers that are convenient to use.

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