Agapi Club has tripled its bookings this year with the help of a digital booking solution

Agapi Club provides a digital subscription service for renting its uniquely designed and versitile boats moored in ports across Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Mallorca. To optimize bookings, they launched a booking solution developed in conjunction with Fastdev in April of 2017 resulting in a 200 percent increase in bookings: a total of 1,300 booked trips on the fleet’s 22 boats in 2018.  

Agapi Club has developed a modern solution for boaters who want to experience the freedom of boating without the headaches of boat ownership and maintenance. Their solution:  Renting their own uniquely designed, and versatile crafts through a digital subscription service. Before they had a digital booking system in April 2017, they could only handle a handful of members on a trial basis. Now they have a  custom tailored platform that enables them to scale up quickly. Today they are experiencing a growth of 100 to 200 percent per year.

– We have booked up to 1,300 trips this year, which we believe is a world record given our fleet of 22 boats. This year has been absolutely incredible since we have been able to test the concept and system fully, says Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi.


In order to optimize their booking process, a custom software supplier was required. With Fastdev’s booking engine and expert developers delivering the new booking platform as well as overseeing its evolution and development side by side with Agapi’s staff, Agapi achieved unprecedented growth. Through their tailored digital platform, Agapi can handle credit card payments, bookings and administration simultaneously.


Agapi Club increased the number of members by 200 percent in 2018

We will soon have 120 members, which means a growth of 200 percent for 2018. We expect this to continue even in 2019. With the help of Fastdev we will also build a mobile application for faster management and improvements of the user experience, says Peder Asplund.

Team Agapi

Agapi Club’s boats are available in Viggbyholm, Biskopsudden and Saltsjöbaden in Stockholm, Långedrag Marina in Gothenburg, HSK Marina in Helsinki, and Port Calanova in Mallorca and soon also, Porto Cristo. Next year, Agapi expects to have up to 35 boats available through the subscription service. With Agapi Club, you can enjoy a longer boat season, access to a boat in multiple locations, and maintenance is made obsolete, all for less than owning your own boat.  In short, Agapi offers all the fun and none of the hassle. The cherry on top is that each Agapi boat is used much more often than a personally owned boat, creating an environmentally friendly service as well as a pocket friendly one!

– We are impressed by Fastdev’s fascinating commitment and interest in our service. They really understand the importance of user-friendliness. Through Fastdev we got a software that was beyond our expectations, says Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi.

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