Development of new way to manage pensions - project with Alexander Pärleros is the first in Sweden to digitize the entire pension flow. This is something that many companies have been fighting to achieve for many years, but it was finally made possible thanks to the digitization and technology that Fastdev helped them build.

In a press release, Alexander Pärleros says: “Our new solution has not been possible before, because all our parts take place digitally. We are the first to have solved all flows, all the way, with funds and pensions. It is big in the banking world. In our new service you as a customer can compare all funds and pensions and you can change your choices directly in the mobile app. ”

The company was started by a bunch of private finance experts who wanted to provide simple yet highly effective assistance to people who are researching and learning about pension savings. Instead of monitoring and saving for the future in the traditional way, they have gathered everything in one place. Private individuals will be able to gain control of their pensions in a fast, smooth and safe manner following real-time events, both on the mobile phone and the computer.

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