Our New Recruit and Her Secret to Sales

In this article we look into how to succeed in tech sales. As we welcome Maritha to Fastdev, we look into her secret to tech sales. When you chat with Maritha, even online, her enthusiastic and positive attitude about both work and life is uplifting.

Maritha’s Career Journey: From Developer to Sales Manager.

Maritha’s career began in the mid-eighties and has been a journey filled with diverse experiences. She started as a developer, using early languages such as COBOL and SQL, at one of Sweden’s largest international technology companies. Later on, she transitioned to becoming a customer and account manager, and now she holds the position of sales manager.

The Power of Soft Skills: A Path to Success.

It’s easy to see why Maritha’s “soft skills” have led her from development to sales. At heart, she is a people person. With a broad smile, she tells me that she needed time away from code as it was ultimately too solitary for her. Maritha’s ability to connect with others and build relationships has been instrumental in her career progression.

Embracing Positivity and a Key to a Fulfilling Life.

Squeezing the best out of life and maintaining a positive outlook seem to be the cornerstones of a happy, productive, and successful life for Maritha. She wakes up at 5:30, checks the news at 6:00, exercises, and starts her workday by 8:00. Maritha likes to approach her days with a mindset that says she can overcome challenges, rather than letting things get her down, as she seems to have little or no time for negativity. This attitude she also believes is key how to succeed in tech sales.

Balancing Work and Well-being: Maritha’s Inspiring Routine.

In her free time, Maritha continues to focus on people and her well-being. She enjoys spinning, cross training, and organizing themed parties with friends.

In sales, Maritha brings a strong desire to stay on top of all the new developments in tech, allowing her to better address customers’ needs. Her infectious positivity and enthusiasm ensure that whether it’s colleagues or customers at Fastdev, she is the missing piece we’ve been searching for. With her tech knowledge, soft skills, and sales experience, she is best equipped to understand our customers and showcase what we can do for them.

Welcome onboard Maritha!

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