More people take driving licenses via digitized exercise driving services

My Driving Academy is an online driving school available in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden. When the founders in 2016 decided to start the business, they contacted developers at Fastdev to get help to digitize the traffic school industry. Today My Driving Academy enjoy consistent growth and have already helped 300 students to obtain their driver’s licenses.

My Driving Academy is a digital driving school that offers all driving school services online and through a mobile app. Since 2016, they have grown from two cars in Stockholm to more than ten cars in Stockholm and Uppsala. They offer theory studies directly via mobile, the possibility to book lessons and courses online, and driving exercises for private practice. In short, they offer everything to make it easier and cheaper to successfully obtain a driving license. The goal is to develop the industry and make driving school services more accessible to everyone through a digital solution. Currently, My Driving Academy is proud to have helped approximately 300 students get their driving licenses.

The driving school industry had long stood still in comparison with many other industries. It needed a smoother and more modern way to take a driving license. We therefore hired Fastdev to build a completely new overall solution that is right in time and adapts to the customer, says Tom Hansson, CEO of My Driving Academy

My Drivning Academy’s journey began in 2016 when the decision was made to develop an in-house platform. They then contacted Fastdev, who developed the mobile booking and payment systems for driving lessons, as well as the digital platform. The partnership continues today as the benefits of working continuously to improve and develop the platform and service continue to grow.

The next step will be to personalize the training steps in the app so that it becomes even more relevant and as effective and cheap as possible. Thanks to Fastdev’s impressive flexibility, we can continue to develop the service in the direction we want, says Tom Hansson, CEO of My Driving Academy.


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