How Fastdev Recruits the Best Software Developers: Our Commitment to Experience and Rigorous Testing.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see and recruit the best developers

How we’re recruiting the best software developers at Fastdev. At Fastdev we believe know that our success is driven by the expertise of our software developers. That’s why we prioritise the recruitment of highly experienced developers and ensure that each one undergoes a rigorous testing process led by our Global Technology Lead, Alexander Senko. 

A photograph of senior software developer at fastdev, Alexander Senko
Alexander Senko • Global Technology Lead • Fastdev

Meet Senko: Skilled IT Professional and Innovator

Alexander Senko, early at Fastdev and the initiator of our innovation center wears several hats. He drives different R&D initiatives, he’s a skilled IT professional with a PhD in Information Technologies and Control and has over 10 years in the IT industry (previously 7 years as a researcher). He specialises in architecting and developing Cloud Solutions, helping global clients with their Cloud Native solutions and implementing hybrid architectures. Based at Fastdev HQ in Stockholm he oversees our recruitment of top developers.

Our Approach to Recruitment: Transparency, Responsibility, and Quality Control

We know that our dedication to excellence in recruitment has paid off. Today, we have a team of more than 120 developers from around the globe who are all employed directly by Fastdev. Our approach ensures full transparency, responsibility, and quality control over every project we undertake.

Our Recruitment Process: Seeking Experienced and Highly Skilled Individuals

We don’t just look for “good” software developers; we’re looking for experienced and highly skilled individuals who are passionate about what they do. Our recruitment process is designed to identify the best candidates and ensure that they meet our high standards.

Technical Interviews and Practical Coding Challenges: Our Thorough Testing Process

The process begins with a thorough review of each candidate’s resume, portfolio, and references. We look for candidates who have worked on a wide range of projects, have experience with multiple programming languages and frameworks, and who have a strong track record of delivering high-quality work.

If a candidate meets our initial criteria, they will undergo a technical interview. The interviews are carried out not only with Alexander, but for every technology stack, there is a dedicated tech lead responsible for interviewing candidates. It can be a Frontend tech lead, .NET tech lead, C++, etc. During this interview, candidates are asked to solve a range of technical problems that test their knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Successful candidates will then be invited to take part in a practical coding challenge, where they must complete a real-world programming task that tests their ability to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

Finally, candidates are interviewed by our account managers, who assess their communication skills, personality, and cultural fit. This ensures that the candidate is not only technically skilled but also a good fit for our team and our clients. 

Soft skills also play an important role, especially in senior developers at Fastdev

The Importance of Recruiting the Best Software Developers

Our commitment to recruiting the best software developers is not just about building a talented team; it’s about delivering the best possible results for our clients. By ensuring that our developers are experienced and highly skilled, we can deliver high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.

How we identify developers skills.

To identify the level of developers’ skills, we use our competency matrix developed for various technology stacks such as Java, .NET, Frontend, etc. The columns of this matrix represent grades, and the rows represent hard skills and soft skill requirements. Currently, we have four grades: Junior, Regular, Advanced, and Senior. If a candidate meets all the requirements for a particular grade, they are assigned that grade.

Tech reviews and mentors

Furthermore, we assist our employees in developing their skills. Our tech leads help them create a personal education plan and can act as mentors for junior developers. Periodically, we conduct tech reviews to evaluate our developers against our matrix. The result of these reviews can be a higher grade and/or a list of recommendations for further education.

Delivering High-Quality Solutions with a Skilled and Experienced Team

Our rigorous testing process ensures that our developers have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and can deliver scalable, maintainable, and future-proof solutions.

At Fastdev, we are proud of our team of highly skilled software developers. Our commitment to excellence in recruitment and our rigorous testing process has allowed us to build a team that can deliver high-quality solutions to our clients.

Trusted Software Development Consultancy: Transparency, Responsibility, and Quality Control

We are a trusted software development consultancy, and our dedication to transparency, responsibility, and quality control sets us apart from other firms that outsource their work. Our team is always working to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies and provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

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