SQUID How we helped a smart funky news app reach millions (more)!

“Dive into a world of news and express yourself!” So says Squid. Squid is a funky news app that stands out from the pack. It looks good, functions great and is the kinda app that wakes up the competition. We take a closer look at how we managed to help the team behind Squid as they reached millions more news-hungry millennials.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Squid is a dynamic news aggregation app that allows users complete control over their news feed. Basically it’s a fresh personalised news channel on your smartphone. Users can get a personalised news feed on different topics from ‘world’ to ‘tech’ and ‘entertainment’. Users can also comment, share and express their feels about the content by drawing on, writing notes or highlighting certain areas of a story before they share it on social media. It’s a neat piece of tech and as a result the Squid ‘news buddy’ app has received rave reviews from pretty much everywhere (App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery) and positive coverage in the media in all markets where it has been launched.

Our Challenge

Squid tasked us with helping them adapt their app so it could become a ‘mini’ app for Vodacom handsets. Vodacom is the leading cellular network in South Africa, with operations in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Lesotho and Kenya. Vodacom mobile networks cover a population of over 303 million people.

Essentially, Fastdev developers needed to ensure that Squid app could be seamlessly integrated. Vodacom wanted to have the same app that Squid had already developed for their handsets so that their users could benefit from the great news aggregator.

At Fastdev we were the engineers who could build the bridge between Squid and Vodacom.

Development Process

  1. Analyse and Understand We needed to make a full analysis of the Squid news aggregator product and understand how the back end was functioning. Once we understood the details from Squid we were then able to select a suitable set of developers up to the task complexity and requirements.
  2. Meet with end client – Fastdev met and discussed the requirements of the end client , Vodacom. We needed to map out with Squid the design requirements provided by Vodacom.
  3. Build Frontend – We provided the front end and ensured that it synchs as well as putting together that face of the app in accordance with the design requirements
  4. Testing – We submit to testing at Vodacom
  5. Await the results… 😉


The project was a success! Squid app is now the go-to news app for millions of news hungry millennials across Africa.

Client Testimonial

“The team is well balanced and we have good coverage in all areas (backend GO, frontend and infrastructure). I’m really happy with it. :)”

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