Patrick Stalenhoef Joins Fastdev to Help Drive New Era of Growth

We’re pleased to welcome a talented new team member to Fastdev this month. Patrick Stalenhoef will step in as Account Manager, with a specific focus of caring for our corporate customers.

Photo by Mikael Schelin

A trained systems scientist, Patrick is bringing over 20 years of IT industry experience to his new role at Fastdev. His most recent positions include Digital Management & Strategy Manager at Cybercom Group, and Marketing Technology Manager at HiQ. Patrick has a proven track record of managing agile and well-functioning development teams, and utilizing his perceptive insights on technical and business challenges to support customers at many different levels of decision-making.

But enough on his CV. Let’s get to know Patrick a bit better.

Q: Hi Patrick, why did you decide to join us at Fastdev?

A: “Fastdev’s customer focus feels very good, as well as the great flexibility at the company. I like the freedom of being able to explore new ideas not only internally, but also together with our customers. It’s also going to be really fun to work with an extremely skilled and talented entrepreneur such as Lennart Källbäck. ”

Q: What’s one strength you’re bringing to Fastdev? 

A: “I understand the customer and know the technology, which means I can help customers along their journey of becoming more digital.”

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: First of all, I like spending time with my family. I also like taking walks, cooking something nice, and I never say no to a really good book.

Q: How do you feel about Fastdev’s way of working?  

A: “I’m looking forward to working with my Russian colleagues and getting to know a new culture. It’s also reassuring to know we have the competence needed to deliver. In Sweden, and particularly in Stockholm, it can be difficult to deliver on certain assignments due to a lack of specific technical competence. But at Fastdev, we have access to a larger talent pool. The capacity is high and we have a greater ability to offer customers the expertise they need.”

Q: What’s most exciting about your new role? 

A: “Being able to participate in creating digital solutions that often have no limits in terms of what is possible. It’s like working in the middle of a paradigm shift, where I get to help change the world from the inside — with everything from connected devices to various innovations. And, as the world looks right now, we have never been in greater need of more digital solutions.”

Q: What do you see in Fastdev’s future? 

A:  “Fastdev’s slogan, ’You imagine, we create’ is good. But I want us to take the next step and act as advisors, coming up with ideas to an even greater extent. We also want customers to turn to us for advice on how to design their digital journey. I am certain that Fastdev has the right tools and competence to achieve this.



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