Dedicated developers

The dedicated software developers, like your own employees, become a part of your development team during the project either on site or remote from our office.

Our most popular solution is a team on site. It means you get a senior developer at your location who manages the rest of the team remotely. We provide high quality software solutions, including a tester into your team or independent testing that will help your business enhance quality.

Project development

We realize your idea or solve your problem. We start by developing mockups that show how the application will work and then provide a cost proposal.

Our company develops mobile applications, responsive websites, landings and web applications from scratch. We take full responsibility from designing prototypes and user scenarios to the final delivery of the product. Constant dialogue with the customer allows us to find the most effective way to implement a specific project.


DevOps service allows your company to minimize costs on the existing infrastructure, make it more scalable, flexible, resilient, and secure.

Our experienced engineers and software developers will analyze the existing IT infrastructure and development processes and suggest the most efficient ways to evolve and improve it according to the business’ needs and world best practices.


We share our knowledge, for example, in investigating existing IT infrastructure, conducting code review, automatizing your development process, developing system architecture.

We review the assignment and define a scope, being usually a couple of weeks, and then deliver in close communication with you.

Dedicated Resources

Maintenance means that we take care of your already existing application or one we have made for you. That way you can advantageously focus on your core business, sales and development of new products.

We operate and manage your server software, fix your software bugs and estimate new system functions.


Software testing helps your business enhance quality, improve cycle time, and reduce costs by improving application quality characteristics. We find and help to fix problems that are critical for your business and end-users.

We take full responsibility for protecting your product from technical bugs and discrepancy between requirements and implementation. We are ready to become a part of your development team or do independent testing.

Agile teams

Fastdev delivers high performing agile teams for your business. Through our extensive experience in building high tech solutions, business and agile mindset we have the right tools to take full responsibility.

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