Fastdev is now an AWS Consulting partner!

Now, as an Amazon Web Services Select Consulting Partner, we are pleased to say that we’re uniquely positioned to help businesses accelerate their journey to the cloud—and take the fullest advantage of all that AWS has to offer.

Amazon Web Services is one of the most innovative and fast-growing platforms, and we love working with it. AWS helps us stay in sync with the latest technologies and trends, and remain on the cutting edge of IT. Today, we help businesses of all sizes  migrate on-prem solutions to AWS and create cloud-native solutions that operate with a very high load level— without interrupting their business.

Fastdev’s AWS offerings

Regardless of your organization size, we offer assistance with both strategic and technical support in AWS. Not only can we help solve your technical problem, but we can help you address the business problem that’s hidden behind the technical issues.

  • Developing cloud-native and hybrid applications
  • Modernizing applications 
  • Breaking down “monoliths” and creating microservices and nanoservices
  • Building serverless architectures
  • Migrating to Kubernetes
  • Working with Big Data, data streaming, and IoT solutionsBuilding and training DevOps teams for operation in AWS
  • Implementing infrastructure as a code concept
  • Securing cloud solutions
  • Optimizing costs

This is just a shortlist of what we are achieving for our customers. 

To learn more about our AWS partnership and the support we can offer your company, please visit our AWS Consulting page or reach out to us at 

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