How the process of hiring a Dedicated Developer looks like

When you need to make your business run, you have to choose a developer with the right skills. However sometimes, you might be limited in budget and time to hire the right candidate or have your current staff keep up with the latest IT trends. The answer in those situations it outsourcing. By outsourcing you get cost efficient access to a whole pool of professionals who can help you achieve your goals. But how does it really work?

Our process of hiring a dedicated developer is simple and hassle free. Here’s how it works:

You send us your request
As soon as your request comes in, we start to evaluate it and look for the perfect candidate. We always contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements, project scope and other specifications.

We set up interviews with the candidate(s)
After getting your requirements we arrange an interview between you and a potential candidate, where you can ask them about details of their experience and skills. After the initial rounds of interviews you make a decision if a candidate meets your needs or not, and if any new requirements occur we will find other candidates for you and make another round of interviews.

Signing the contract
When we have found you the perfect candidate it’s time to conclude a contract between you and us regarding the size of the dedicated team, details of payment, project initiation, etc.

Done! Let’s get to work
At this stage, the formalities are over and a dedicated developer or a team of developers can get down to business. You will assign tasks to the selected developer or the team of developers and have total control over the project. Our dedicated developers are like your own employees and become a part of your development team during the project – either on site or remote from our office.

Read more about our dedicated developers here.

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