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Kids Brand Store - Enhancing E-commerce Solutions with a PIM System

Kids Brand Store, a leading online retailer for children’s clothing, enlisted Fastdev‘s expertise to enhance their e-commerce capabilities. Their goal was to develop a state-of-the-art Product Information Management (PIM) system. This system’s mission? Efficiently aggregating and distributing product data through API calls to improve operations and the online shopping experience.

Mastering Data: Navigating the Symphony of Digital-Age Challenges

A large challenge overshadowed the project, the management of huge data volumes within tight time constraints. It’s similar to orchestrating a digital-age symphony, where timing is everything.
Engineering Precision: Refining the PIM System
To overcome this challenge, it was crucial to adopt an innovative approach that optimises the collaboration between intricate code and carefully crafted databases. Picture it as the meticulous tuning of a Formula 1 race car, ensuring it can navigate the most demanding circuits with unparalleled precision and speed.

Balancing Act: Parallel Processing of Tasks

Additionally, the project called for the parallel processing of an array of tasks, akin to a virtuoso juggler keeping multiple balls aloft in perfect harmony. To address this significant challenge, the team set out to create a cutting-edge system, capable of smoothly managing substantial data loads.

Revolutionising Online Shopping: The Feed Files Solution

In the realm of online shopping, the project’s core objective revolved around the creation of what they’ve termed “feed files” for use by other companies. These files serve as comprehensive product catalogs, encompassing every conceivable product variation.

Innovative Problem Solving: The Discount Calculation Dilemma

However, a significant challenge arose during the creation of these feed files. Certain aspects of the process, such as determining discounts for specific products, proved to be time and resource-intensive. This was exacerbated by the need to navigate a complex web of advertising campaigns, each with its unique product rules.

A Smart Solution: Precomputed Discounts

In response, a brilliant solution emerged. Instead of performing individual discount calculations for each product, a time-consuming process, the team chose to preemptively calculate and store these answers in a secure repository, much like a hidden treasure chest.

Faster and Smoother: The Impact on Feed File Creation

This innovation translated into significant efficiency gains. Now, when creating feed files, the team taps into their precomputed discount database, eliminating the need for intricate calculations. This change has significantly sped up the entire process, ensuring swift preparation of feed files for services like Google Shopping and Facebook Product Feed.It’s a smart approach to saving time and enhancing productivity in the realm of online shopping.

Innovating Online Shopping: Kids Brand Store’s PIM System Triumph

The partnership between Kids Brand Store and Fastdev to develop a Product Information Management (PIM) system has been a remarkable success, exceeding their goal of enhancing the online shopping experience. They efficiently tackled the challenge of managing vast amounts of data and ingeniously pre-calculated discounts, streamlining operations and improving online shopping for all.

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