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Exxentric: Revolutionising Strength and Conditioning Training with Their Cutting-Edge Devices and Application

Background: Innovative Devices and App by Exxentric AB for Next-Level Strength Training.

Exxentric is a trailblazing company that has been developing innovative, science-based training equipment and methods for strength and conditioning since 2011. Their devices, including the LegExx, LegFlexx, kPulley, and kBox, have been widely used by performance coaches, personal trainers, and physiotherapists worldwide. Now, Exxentric is taking their game to the next level with a brand new generation of devices that combine high-quality performance with the energy efficiency of core training processes. And to manage these devices, they’ve created a special application that works on mobile devices running iOS and Android smartphones.

Challenge: Addressing Flaws and Introducing Monetisation: Upgrading the Exxentric App.

The first version of the Exxentric application, released in 2015, had some serious flaws that needed to be addressed. The technological base of the application was outdated, and Exxentric wanted to integrate monetisation into their system, allowing users to access new features. Plus, they needed the new version of the application to support social functions like team creation and task execution. Finally, the new application had to be a training center that could work with various Exxentric devices.

The Fix: Complete Rewrite and Optimisation: Exxentric App’s Three-Year Upgrade.

To tackle these challenges, we completely rewrote the front-end part of the project and transferred it to React Native, resulting in the same code being used to work with Android and iOS devices. We also optimised the back-end part of the application written in PHP and developed a decoder that receives data from the device and converts it into a form understandable for the application. Additionally, we put a lot of work into the design and main workflow of the application, integrating numerous new features into the program code from 2020 to 2023. 

Features include:

  • Team support,
  • Support team exercises,
  • Subscription system (3 levels) integration,
  • Exercise Charts,
  • Exercise workouts,
  • Ability to connect to various devices,
  • Uploading statistics

Result: Cutting-Edge App for Seamless Device Integration: Exxentric AB’s Evolution of Strength Training.

The result of this three-year-long update is a cutting-edge application that works seamlessly with up-to-date and upcoming devices. The current technological base of the application allows for quick modifications and easy integration of new features, even in the event of a complete change in development. Exxentric has truly evolved the strength and conditioning training industry with their innovative devices and application.

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