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TRIVEC The waiter’s job just got a lot faster! (thanks to the new ‘native Handy’ app)


Trivec is a leading supplier of POS systems to restaurants, bars and hotels. On the European market, their solutions simplify business operations and optimize payments. With over 8,000 customers around Europe, Trivec solutions are in constant use and in heavy demand.

Our challenge

In a fast-paced environment where there’s little margin for error, waiting staff are often in the front line when it comes to customer satisfaction. At Fastdev, our task was to assist Trivec in providing them with ‘Trivec Handy’ , the best possible product to help efficiently take orders and payments.

With multiple variable options and a modular design, it was a complex integration project that required close attention to detail. The smallest error in code could cause lost orders, customers – and business later on for the end client.

Quality check – SonarQube

Trivec were very keen to avoid any coding errors with 80% code coverage, as a result we answered their requirement for all code to be passed by the automated ‘SonarQube’ program. SonarQube runs a check on each line of code to ensure that there are no system failing faults and reports the code coverage.

Once we had satisfied and passed the SonarQube check Trivec Handy was ready for use in the pilot phase.


Trivec came to Fastdev to re-develop a system that could seamlessly work with their existing market-leading products. In Trivec Handy they are satisfied that Fastdev has delivered a robust and efficient solution. As a result the lives of waiting staff and kitchen management can become easier, more efficient, and overall, less stressful.  

Now, with the new hand-held Trivec Handy, waiting staff can take orders at the table much quicker. It helps reduce the running back and forth, which often causes mistakes  and can lead to a loss of money.

Client testimonial

“We had to change the programming language to gain more performance in our existing mobile app. For that, our internal software engineers needed time to train and get used to the Kotlin environment.

Thanks to the quick help from the Fastdev Project Manager and team members, we could have our ‘old’ app be re-written at Fastdev, while our own engineers had the time to get the new language in the fingers.

The Fastdev team was continuously in very close positive contact with our internal engineers and product owner to guarantee a seamless knowledge transfer during and at the end of the project.
This reduced our time to market by at least 4 months. Well done, Fastdev!”

Paul  Binon, Engineering Manager at Trivec

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