Our developers work for you.                              Highly-experienced developers on your team.

How it works

  1. You need to amp up your team
  2. We provide you with one or several best profiles (great developers!)
  3. You meet them in person or online
  4. You start a free two-week trial and (hopefully!) give us a thumbs up
  5. You have a developer or a team dedicated to work exclusively for you

The set-up

- We check in with you on a regular basis to see how satisfied you are and how happy our team is

- Our tech leads will regularly review the code we produce

- We work together with you on-site, remote or a hybrid of the two – whatever’s best for you

- As a European customer, you decide if you want your team members within the EU or not

- Most likely you will be working with developers, however, we would also recommend adding at least some QA and have other competences such as UX/UI and DevOps as well

- You manage the team, however, you may decide to have a project manager full-time or part-time to do this for you