Head of IT Sales, Meet Jan De Mont: 5 Questions to Get Acquainted

In this article we welcome to our new head of sales, Jan De Mont, to the Fastdev team! By asking five friendly and carefully crafted questions we delve into Jan’s journey. Get ready to learn more about the person behind the role.

Why Sales? Why Fastdev?

FD What inspired you to venture into the world of IT sales management, and what aspect of Fastdev excites you the most about this new chapter in your career?

JDM What inspired me to venture into the world of IT sales management was the opportunity to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the needs of businesses. I’ve always been passionate about technology, and working with IT sales management allows me to combine this passion with my skills in sales, problem-solving, and relationship-building to make a meaningful impact on both businesses and individuals.

I joined Fastdev as head of sales, because it perfectly aligns with my career aspirations and values. First and foremost, Fastdev is a people-led technology company with a firm commitment to meritocracy and transparency, which is evident in its operations. I value the idea that hard work and talent are recognised and rewarded here, promoting a culture of fairness and equal opportunity.

Jan De Mont on joining Fastdev

The sprit of Fastdev, a foundation for growth

Fastdev being founder-owned gives it an entrepreneurial spirit that I find exciting. It means the company is driven by a passion for innovation and growth, rather than just financial gains. This translates into a workplace where creativity is encouraged, and ideas are valued.

Lastly, what really sealed the deal for me is the sense that my experience and expertise are genuinely valued here. I believe that my skills and contributions will make a meaningful impact on Fastdev’s exciting growth journey. That’s why I enthusiastically chose to join the Fastdev team.

FD Here’s what I know (and how I could help). Could you share a standout experience from your previous roles in managing IT sales teams, and how do you envision applying that experience in your role as head of sales here?

JDM In my previous role, we faced a similar situation where we aimed to reach the next level of growth. We managed to achieve double-digit growth while expanding our market presence in Europe and secured several major contracts with multinational corporations based on our sales strategy.

The key to this success was a combination of strategic sales leadership and strong team collaboration. We implemented a well-defined sales strategy that focused on understanding our perfect customer, the strengths in our solutions, and providing exceptional post-sale support. We also invested in the development of our sales team and ensured they were equipped with the latest industry knowledge and knew where and how to focus their efforts.

I believe this experience is directly applicable to Fastdev’s growth journey. Growing towards 500+ employees and expanding our presence in the European market is an ambitious goal, but I am confident that with the right strategy and a dedicated sales team, we can achieve it.

Following the IT industry and sharing knowledge with the team

FD Keeping up with the fast-paced IT industry is crucial. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and technologies, and how will this benefit our team at Fastdev?

JDM Continuous Learning: I prioritise continuous learning by regularly attending industry conferences, webinars, and workshops. This not only helps me stay informed but also allows me to network with experts and thought leaders, bringing back valuable insights to share with the team.

Industry Publications: I also regularly read industry publications, blogs, and news sources to keep tabs on emerging trends, best practices, and breakthrough technologies. Sharing relevant articles and insights with the team can spark discussions and ideas for innovation.

Partner Relationships: Establishing strong relationships with technology partners is crucial. Partners often provide early access to product updates and information, which can give us a competitive edge.

Internal Knowledge Sharing: I believe in fostering a culture of knowledge sharing within the team. Regular meetings or discussions to share insights, updates, and experiences can help disseminate valuable information among team members.

Strategic Planning: I’ll integrate the knowledge gained from staying updated into our strategic planning process. This ensures that our team is aligned with the latest trends and can proactively address client needs with innovative solutions.

Finding focus after sales multitasking. Mountain biking

FD Aside from your professional pursuits in sales, what’s a hobby or personal passion that energises you?

JDM My hobby and personal passion that truly energises me is mountain biking, especially when I’m out on the trails with friends and/or family. It’s an activity that allows me to escape the daily grind and immerse myself in the thrill of the ride.

What I love most about mountain biking is the intense focus it demands. When I’m on the trail, I have to concentrate on the path ahead, the terrain, and my technique. It’s a rare opportunity to focus on one thing and one thing only, which is a welcome break in our multitasking-driven world.

FD Finally, can you share a challenge you overcame that has had a great influence on you?

JDM Certainly, one significant challenge that has had a profound influence on me was the decision to move to Sweden, to my then-girlfriend and now wife, after experiencing unemployment in the wake of the burst of the IT bubble after the millennium.

At that time, the IT industry was booming, and many believed it was a secure career path. However, as we know, the bubble burst, and countless IT professionals, including myself, found themselves facing uncertainty and unemployment.

The decision to move to Sweden was not an easy one. It meant leaving behind my comfort zone, family, and familiar surroundings. Moreover, it required me to adapt to a new culture, language, and professional landscape.

Ultimately, this challenging period in my life made me a stronger, more humble, adaptable, and resilient individual. It taught me that even in the face of adversity, there are opportunities for growth and personal development. It also influenced my approach to risk-taking, encouraging me to embrace change and pursue new opportunities with confidence.

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