Native vs Cross-Platform Mobile Development — part 3: Our Summary.

Part 1 What are native and cross-platform app development? 

Part 2 The pros and cons of native and cross-platform app development.

Part 3 When using native over cross-platform app development makes sense and vice-versa & our summary.

In our first part in this series on the growing mobile device market and application development, we tried to define two large sets of tools for creating mobile applications. Native and cross-platform. In our second part, we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Now in this final post, we try to summarise when it’s best to use native and when it might be best to use cross-platform.

5 Reasons why using native over cross-platform makes sense.

If your application:

1. Will use all the available features of the platform and device (multilevel menu, calendar, animation, camera, phone book, geotargeting, etc.).

2. Needs to be as reliable, safe, and stable as possible.

3. Needs to be able to quickly implement all changes occurring on the platforms.

4. Needs to be able to easily expand the already created functionality.

5. Needs to be fast and high-performing.

5 Reasons why using cross-platform over native makes sense.

If you are:

1. Planning to create a simple application.

2. Working to a tight budget.

3. Limited by time (typically to launch).

4. In need of a prototype or MVP to test the market.

5. Needing your app to work the same across all platforms and devices.

Our final summary: Native vs cross-platform.

Of course, there are pros and cons to both native and cross-platform development approaches. Ultimately, the choice of one or the other depends on the requirements of the project and the skills of the developers involved.

Native apps are still the best choice when it comes to user experience and performance. Although they are more expensive, you will be comforted by lower defect rates and better visuals.

Cross-platform development is likely to appeal to those who want to quickly and inexpensively release their application. It’s also appreciated by those who want their application to be available to a wide audience. However, those who want to opt for cross-platform need to consider potential performance or user experience issues.

Author / Eugeny Glazkov / Android Developer

Author / Daniil Sentsov / iOS Developer

Tech Editor / Alexander Senko / Technology Lead

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