The story of Fastdev

The story of how Fastdev was created begins in 2004 with a product called Fastpool. The product was an idea initiated by the owner Lennart Källbäck who had the idea to put the right person at the right place at the right time. But he was in need of programmers to develop his idea.

After reading reports on the Internet, Lennart noted the success of developers from Izhevsk, who had won prizes in a programming contest and decided to hire them for his project. He called the Izhevsk Technical University, where he was given the number of a local consulting company. After contacting them in 2005, Lennart found Kirill Kovalchuk. Kirill had experience in Java which was exactly what Lennart was looking for. However, the company silently handed over the project to another developer named Dmitry Kouznetsov.

Remembering the good experience from working with Kirill, Lennart offered him to work together as a freelancer. In June 2007 Kirill began to work as a full-time developer, and in September 2007 Dmitry Kuznetsov joined them.

In October 2007 in addition to Fastpool, Lennart began to develop a network of sales and attract other customers to what would later be Fastdev. The development was inevitable. The company began to grow and in 2010 there were 6 full time developers. In 2010 a noticeable leap in company growth happened and the developer count went up to 22. By the end of 2012 the Fastdev team was tripled. In 2013, the development progressed with a project in Africa and hiring new developers in Belarus and Ukraine. In 2014, another office was opened in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Today in 2016 we have 126 employees and customers all over the world!


2004 – The idea of Fastpool emerged.

2005 – Start of cooperation with the Izhevsk programmers K. Kovalchuk and D. Kouznetsov.

2007 – A new company called Fastdev is started by using Fastpool developers. Fastdev’s services starts to attract customers in Sweden. .

2010 – The company started to grow and hiring even more developers.

2013 – Developers from Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine, Belarus and Kenya joined the company.

2014 – We opened a branch office in Ekaterinburg.

2016 – We are now proud to have 126 employees and customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia and USA.

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