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SPORTAMORE - Creating a better shopping experience with a faster ecommerce site


Sportamore was founded in 2009 and today, is the largest online sports store in the Nordic region.  Offering a wide range of sportswear, shoes, and equipment, Sportamore has more than 15,000 different products from about 300 external brands, as well as a small number of products under its own brand name.   

When your entire business is online, having an optimized website is critical to success. Sportamore got in touch with us at Fastdev after encountering some issues with their ecommerce site which were making it difficult for customers to carry out purchases and starting to impact revenue.   


Sportamore’s existing site was too slow. Not only that, issues were popping up over the course of the user journey, like when customers tried to select the right size, which were making it difficult to complete purchases. Needless to say, Sportamore’s ecommerce experience was deterring shoppers. We put some of our most talented developers in charge of investigating the problem and coming up with a solution. 


Our developers ran automated Selenium and UI tests, which checked a dozen different user sessions for both desktop and mobile versions. The insights revealed what needed to be done, and our developers got to work optimizing the website. 


With an optimized e-commerce site, Sportamore was not only able to cut development costs and reduce their IT department’s workload. Running the automated Selenium tests also helped address problems related to incorrect manual processes. 





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