SPORTAMORE - Tests for optimized web

The scope of the project

SPORTAMORE - Tests for optimized web

Sportamore was founded in 2008 and is the Nordic region’s largest sports store online, why it is very important to have an optimized web. They offer a wide range of sportswear, shoes and equipment. Sportamore offers more than 15,000 different products from about 300 external brands, as well as a small number of products under its own brand.  Sportamore has just over 150 employees and its head office is in Alvik, Stockholm.

Sportamore contacted Fastdev when they had problems with their website. When visitors purchasing an item or choosing the right size, problems arose which needed to be addressed immediately. Fastdev’s development team then chose to use automated Selenium tests and UI tests of the website for desktop and mobile versions. The tests controlled a dozen different user sessions before the site went live.

The framework delivered by Fastdev resulted in a optimized web reducing Sportamore’s previous development costs and reducing the IT department’s work. The automated Selenium tests also reduced the problems with the incorrect manual processes.

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